The key role of the fish pulp industry in developing and improving the livestock feed industry, as well as the production of bioactive products in the downstream industries, is not covered by raw materials from these factories. Fanavaran Sea Company as a joint stock company specializing in powder and oil production in Hormozgan province, Jask area in an area of ​​7200 square meters, an infrastructure of over 1450 square meters and an annual production capacity of 3,100 tons of fish oil and oil extraction in The production process is based on 3 percent, with 3 separate production lines. The powder of this company is continuously produced, which includes the steps of baking, pressing, separating the liquid from the press, condensing liquid soap, drying, milling, and finally packaging and warehousing. The method of drying fish powder in this company leads to the production of special fish called LT. In this method, the temperature of the product during the drying process is controlled at about 70 ° C, which is influenced less by the longer drying time of the protein quality. As a result, high-protein protein powder is produced. This company has a license from the veterinary department of the country and a license to exploit the Jihad Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan province and has been introduced as a producer of Hormozgan provinces fish powder samples in recent years. The proximity of the factory to the major centers of sardine and lily of the fishes produces the best Fish powder is completely pure and meets the standards of this company.

Based on the customer orientation, sustainable development and personnel participation, the management of Marine Technologists believes that relying on new management systems is the only way to guarantee the survival of the company in tomorrow market. Therefore, the establishment and utilization of quality management systems based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, food safety and health management was based on the requirements of the standard ISO 22000: 2005 and the HACCP standard of food safety. With the efforts of all-sophisticated day-care workers at all levels of the company, the company has now succeeded in acquiring QEC credible global certification of compliance with the requirements of the three above-mentioned standards. The manager believes that getting these vouchers does not mean getting to the destination, but getting into the path of continuous improvement in order to further enhance their effectiveness in the company.

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